• Bruce-mackay

    Bruce Mackay: Safe Harbour (detail)

Bruce Mackay’s portholes: patterned pen and ink windows to the waves

Posted by Anna Trench,

One of the best bits of a ship are the circular windows at or below the height of the waves. Cape Town-based illustrator and typographer Bruce Mackay has drawn a series of these portholes (or at least porthole-shaped scenes) in blue, green and red pen and ink. They show wild, patterned waves and a haul of flotsam and jetsam; there’s a boat bobbing on the head of a whale, Poseidon/Neptune, a skeleton with an arrow in his heart drifting down a bloody stream and twisted sea snakes. Of Starboard Portholes he says he was “trying to capture the churning that would happen if a massive serpent were to uncoil at open sea.”

Bruce says Safe Harbour is a test scene from a book he’s in the early stages of writing and illustrating. These wonderful drawings are surely begging for nautical adventures to accompany them and we can’t wait to see more.

  • Safe-harbour-small-(ish)

    Bruce Mackay: Safe Harbour

  • Safe-harbour-detail

    Bruce Mackay: Safe Harbour (detail)

  • Crazed-waves-_4-(flare)-2

    Bruce Mackay: Crazed Waves

  • View-from-starboard-porthole-_1-(small)

    Bruce Mackay: View From Starboard Porthole

  • Portholes-(small)

    Bruce Mackay: View From Starboard Portholes

  • Downstream-_1-(small)

    Bruce Mackay: Downstream

  • Crazed-waves-_2---keel-(small)

    Bruce Mackay: Crazed Waves #2

  • Poseidon-neptune-(small)

    Bruce Mackay: Poseidon/Neptune


Posted by Anna Trench

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