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    BVD: 7-Eleven

Futuristic in a retro way: BVD's super nice rebranding of the old, faithful 7-Eleven

Posted by Anna Trench,

7-Eleven has been leading the way in conveniently placed conveniences since 1927. But while it’s likely you might pop in for a chocolate bar and a cup of coffee, it’s less likely to be your first port of call for a graphic design fix.

And yet, what’s this, a super nice, stripped-back rebranding of 7-Eleven coffee by Scandinavian design agency BVD? It’s slick, simple, has an excellent palette and cleverly channels those classic go-faster stripes. Futuristic in a retro way, these coffee cups look like the kind you might grab behind the scenes while shooting an eco-friendly dystopian sci-fi movie in the eighties – and that’s certainly no bad thing.

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    BVD: 7-Eleven

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    BVD: 7-Eleven

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    BVD: 7-Eleven

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    BVD: 7-Eleven

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    BVD: 7-Eleven

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    BVD: 7-Eleven

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We also wrote a comment piece based around some of the ideas contained in this redesign which you can read here.


Posted by Anna Trench

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