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    Caitlin Mociun: Band of Color (detail)

The tremendous textiles of brilliant Brooklyn-based designer Caitlin Mociun

Posted by Rob Alderson,

As website biographies go, you’d be hard pressed to find a better opening line than: “Caitlin Mociun was born the daughter of seafaring Tony Mociun and pedagogical Jillian Mociun, and the sister of quiet Jonah Mociun.” But if Caitlin’s self-promotion is understated, her talents with textiles are anything but. A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Caitlin spent much of her teenage years travelling, with extended stays in Malaysia and Prague, and she is further influenced by the Bauhaus conviction of the convergence of arts and crafts. At her trendy Brooklyn shop she sells her own jewellery and various interesting works by other designers but it’s her first love, textiles, where for me her superlative eye for line and colour really shine, producing vibrant, life affirming designs.

  • Caravan-print-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Caravan

  • Building-blocks-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Building Blocks

  • Casbah-cloth-ot-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Casbah

  • Colors-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Colors

  • Windows-test-21-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Windows

  • Dot-maze-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Dot Maze

  • Lines-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Lines

  • Minagery-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Minagery

  • Band-of-color-1-1200x800

    Caitlin Mociun: Band of Color


Posted by Rob Alderson

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