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    Sergey Shapiro: New logo for hand-made artist — Pentel Graph600 pencil, Copic multiliner

Stop salivating! Calligraphi.ca is the new home for calligraphy and hand-drawn type

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Ok everybody take a deep breath, because chances are you’re about to get a little flustered. The joy of stumbling across a great Tumblr is unadulterated, and when that blog is all about calligraphy and hand-drawn type then you can dial the delight up to 11. So it is with Calligrpha.ca which brings together the work of eight super-skilled talents – Andrei Robu, Giuseppe Salerno, Greg Papagrigoriou, Joluvian, Sergey Shapiro, Spit and Theosone. The work is gorgeous and showcased to full effect with big drool-inducing images – hubba hubba!

  • Ca4

    Theosone: Familia65 lowrider custom lettering – car paint and flat brush

  • Ca6

    Giuseppe Salerno: Five – Texture, white and copper tempera

  • Ca7

    Greg Papagrigoriou: MfN – roller brush and acrylics on tiles

  • Ca8

    Greg Papagrigoriou: Blaqk spiral – flat brush and acrylics on wall

  • Ca12

    Andrei Robu: Type – tempera on paper

  • Ca1

    Spit: Brush marker & digital print Spit


Posted by Rob Alderson

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