Excellent Bodyform spoof apology is perfect example of how to rake in the hits

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There’s a few good examples of brands using social media in clever and funny ways to deflect criticism (the O2 Twitter feed has been a particular delight in recent months) but this spoof video from Bodyform is one of the best we’ve seen. Responding to a Facebook post accusing the brand of misleading millions of men with depictions of so-called “happy periods” amid imagery of horse riding and windsurfing, the brand’s ad agency Carat came up with this genius rebuttal from someone purporting to be the brand’s CEO Caroline Williams.

She apologises on behalf of the company and explains that 1980s screen tests found that men were unable to cope with the realities including “the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide.” Such use of language is inspired but it’s the little details which really make it, from an appearance of the weird blue liquid familiar to anyone who’s ever seen a sanitary towel commercial, to an unexpected finale. Kudos to everyone involved, and with more than 800,000 views in two days it seems that they’ve pitched it just right.

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    Carat and Bodyform: The Truth (screenshot)

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    Carat and Bodyform: The Truth (screenshot)

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    Carat and Bodyform: The Truth (screenshot)

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    Carat and Bodyform: The Truth (screenshot)

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    Carat and Bodyform: The Truth (screenshot)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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