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    Céli Lee: Lines of Thought (detail)

Float away in the abstract illustrations of London-based master of most trades Céli Lee

Posted by Rob Alderson,

People with more than one string to their bow never cease to amaze me (speaking as someone with a decidedly single-string talent pool) and multi-disciplinary artist Céli Lee is one such creative. Her portfolio boasts animation, graphic design and digital collage but it is her illustration work that really stood out. It’s so easy to lose yourself in her painstakingly-constructed creations where her skill and patience combine to super-pleasing effect. Occasionally there’s a hint of something recognisable (an eye say, or an arm) but on the whole they revel in their own abstraction and with careful use of colour and a sumptuous way with texture, Céli creates worlds which take on their own beguiling aesthetic rules.

  • Autumnshape_01

    Céli Lee: Autumn Shape

  • Blended_01

    Céli Lee: Blended

  • Newborn_1

    Céli Lee: Newborn

  • Red_01

    Céli Lee: Red

  • Whencoralgetsdry_01

    Céli Lee: When Coral Gets Dry

  • Passenger_01

    Céli Lee: Passenger

  • Linesofthought_01

    Céli Lee: Lines of Thought


Posted by Rob Alderson

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