Channel 4 excels again with a killer Paralympic opening sequence

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s safe to say we’re pretty immersed in the Paralympics now, once we saw Richard Whitehead smash the men’s 200m finals we got totally hooked. In fact once all this sporting excellence departs from the capital we’re not really sure what we’re going to do with our spare time. Back to watching that box-set of The Wire probably.

For some reason we’ve neglected to celebrate Liquid’s magnificent opening sequence for Chanel 4’s coverage of the events. When we first saw Channel 4’s Paralympic advertising campaign we were utterly blown away, and then they followed it up with typical flair with this magnificent piece of video.

Once again featuring Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think (surely the coolest soundtrack to any sporting event yet – Mambo No.5 for the cricket comes a close second) the spot shows abstract paralympic athletes running riot across the city, bouncing over the South Bank, Tower Bridge and launching arrows down the length of Kew Gardens. Another bit of spot-on promotion from the masters of British television.

  • Liquid1

    Liquid: Channel 4 Paralympic Opening Sequence

  • Liquid3

    Liquid: Channel 4 Paralympic Opening Sequence

  • Liquid2

    Liquid: Channel 4 Paralympic Opening Sequence

  • Liquid4

    Liquid: Channel 4 Paralympic Opening Sequence


Posted by James Cartwright

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