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    Charlotte Linton: Coral

Expeditions to Madagascar inspire Charlotte Linton's beautiful scarves

Posted by Liv Siddall,

A lot of people are making scarves at the moment, but that’s totally valid. What better place to put a piece of eye-popping print than on yourself so you can blow everyone’s minds on the bus? Charlotte Linton’s scarves are not just some sweet print whacked on a 100% silk scarf: oh no. Charlotte is inspired by the geographical wonders of the world, and relies on her muse ‘Ermantrude’ to trek across distant lands to bring back inspiration.

Her S/S 2012 collection “sees Ermantrude sail to Java, Indonesia to study the threatened Javan Rhinoceros and the resident birds of the Krakatau islands. Whilst there she learns of the rich culture of the Sundanese people, researching the Wayang theatre, and the beautiful batik textiles. She also makes notes of her observations of night dwelling mammals, such as the ghostly flying squirrel and the Fishing cat.” – Woah.

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    Charlotte Linton: A/W 2012

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    Charlotte Linton: A/W 2012

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    Charlotte Linton: A/W 2012

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    Charlotte Linton: A/W 2012

  • Memphis-iceberg-red

    Charlotte Linton: Memphis Iceberg, red

  • Plover

    Charlotte Linton: Plover

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    Charlotte Linton: Hats

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    Charlotte Linton: Minerology

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    Charlotte Linton: Maki

  • Coral

    Charlotte Linton: Coral


Posted by Liv Siddall

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