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Beautiful, diverse poster archive from east London's Chats Palace Printshop

Posted by Rob Alderson,

If there’s one thing we love more than really beautiful poster design, it’s really beautiful retro poster design. And we are able to feed our insatiable appetite for this kind of graphic design thanks to a fascinating project celebrating an east London legend. Chats Palace in Homerton, Hackney, was originally a library but after that closed it was claimed by the local community as a social and cultural hub that supported music, comedy, theatre, dance, carnival, disability arts, photography and other programmes.

Now Asya Gefter and Peter Young have launched a project aiming to document its history and celebrate its contribution to the area’s past. They’ve got an excellent blog and we were bowled over by these posters from the Chats Palace Printshop which was opened by Rene Rice in 1977. Over 21 years this silkscreen and offset lithographic printing workshop produced not only the Palace’s in-house printed matter but also the posters for a host of local organisations as eclectic as the community itself.

This is the sharp end of graphic design – low-budget posters aimed at a very localised audience and yet the composition, use of colour and type is uniformly wonderful. This archive is a real treat and a true part of east London’s design heritage.

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-49951

    Chats Palace Printshop: The Women Artists Slide Library

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-49971

    Chats Palace Printshop: Framework Theatre

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50011

    Chats Palace Printshop: Trojan advert

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50121

    Chats Palace Printshop: Public Meeting Announcement

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50281

    Chats Palace Printshop: Zaza 81 exhibition poster

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50301

    Chats Palace Printshop: Stoke Newington Girls Festival poster

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50311

    Chats Palace Printshop: Lenthall Road Summer Courses poster

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50321

    Chats Palace Printshop: Theatre Space poster

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50151

    Chats Palace Printshop: Hackney Wick Festival poster

  • Posters-from-chats-palace-printshop-50191

    Chats Palace Printshop: Hackney March Against Ratecapping


Posted by Rob Alderson

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