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Chen Man: i-D Covers

Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

Ms Man has been a top photographer in her native China since her early twenties when she started shooting for Vision magazine. We in the west have been a bit slow on the uptake, but it’s great to see this gal’s serious talent put front and centre in this month’s i-D. The magazine, in light of China’s recent Dragon-tastic new year, have snapped her up to produce 12 covers celebrating the diversity of Chinese beauty. In a world rife with glossy spreads it’s harder than it looks to make a picture stand out – but Man’s flair for high-impact imagery is everything we love about fashion photography; bold, luxurious, and unapologetically beautiful.


Posted by Charlotte Simmonds

Californian Charlotte joined us as an editorial intern after studying at New York university and London Metropolitan University. She wrote for the site between January and March 2012.