• Cherubino-gambardella-17

    Cherubino Gambardella: Life with Objects: The Manifesto (detail). Mixed Technique on brown paper, 100 × 100cm, Oct 2011

Cherubino Gambardella's structural illustrations are a real treat

Posted by Catherine Gaffney,

Naples-based architect Cherubino Gambardella’s illustrations for his projects are beautifully rendered. In an age where the development of architectural ideas is largely carried out using digital technology, it’s lovely to see something so textured, layered, and varied. Mixing a variety of media, Gambardella’s images conjure up visualisations that evoke, not only the built shapes, but the atmospheres, materials, air-quality, traffic, and weather patterns of these urban environments. You get a strong sense of space and the interactions between structures, and there is also a slightly dark, sinister quality that intrigues as much as it engages.

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    Cherubino Gambardella

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    Cherubino Gambardella

  • Cherubino-gambardella-16

    Cherubino Gambardella: Life with Objects – The Manifesto. Mixed Technique on brown paper, 100 × 100cm, Oct 2011

  • Cherubino-gambardella-3

    Cherubino Gambardella: The Common Things – A Declaration. Mixed Media on Brown paper. 100×100cm, Oct 2011

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    Cherubino Gambardella

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    Cherubino Gambardella

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    Cherubino Gambardella

  • Cherubino-gambardella

    Cherubino Gambardella: Naples – Collective House in the Spanish Quarters. Mixed technique on printed paper. 90 × 60cm. Nov 2010

  • Cherubino-gambardella-6

    Cherubino Gambardella: Analagous Milan. Mixed technique on printed paper, 90 × 60 cm. March 2011

  • Cherubino-gambardella-8

    Cherubino Gambardella: Marrakech – The Dam Toward the Desert. Mixed technique on paper. 90 × 60cm, Nov 2010

  • Cherubino-gambardella-9

    Cherubino Gambardella: Tokyo – the Carp, the frame and the mask of the samurai. Mixed technique on paper, 90 × 60cm, Dec 2010

  • Cherubino-gambardella-11

    Cherubino Gambardella: St Petersburg, Open Yourself to Russia! Mixed technique on paper, 90 × 60 cm, Nov 2010

  • Cherubino-gambardella-12

    Cherubino Gambardella: Manattan, Eight-Million windows. Mixed Technique on paper, 90 × 60cm. Oct 2010


Posted by Catherine Gaffney

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