Yes! Great new stuff from the Layzell Bros; here's Chicks with Cheeks

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Another cracker here from the Layzell Bros who are quickly becoming the go-to guys for anything humorous and animated — before we even see one of their videos I know it’s already my new favourite. Chicks with Cheeks is pretty self explanatory; it’s a celebration of girls with natural, fleshy pouches on either their faces or behinds. Silly, short, colourful and hilarious — is there anything else you could possibly want from your animation? More please Layzell Bros, more!

  • Cheeks-2

    Layzell Bros: Chicks With Cheeks (still)

  • Lead

    Layzell Bros: Chicks With Cheeks (still)

  • Cheeks-1

    Layzell Bros: Chicks With Cheeks (still)

  • Cheeks-3

    Layzell Bros: Chicks With Cheeks (still)


Posted by Liv Siddall

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