Want to see an orchestra of printers and modems play a Dylan classic? This way...

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Sometimes decisions about what to post is based on in-depth reading around a project, at other times we’re pretty much hooked right away. So an orchestra of re-programmed modems, copiers and printers playing The Times They Are A-Changing (on this of all days as America goes to the polls)? Yes please. Chris Cairns’ spot for Brother is fun, technologically impressive and tight enough to pull of an ambitious idea. It’s what Dylan would have wanted…

  • Brother_310812_prores-1

    Chris Cairns/Partizan: Scrapheap Symphony (still)

  • Brother_310812_prores-5

    Chris Cairns/Partizan: Scrapheap Symphony (still)

  • Brother_310812_prores-3

    Chris Cairns/Partizan: Scrapheap Symphony (still)

  • Screen-shot-2012-11-06-at-11.11.41

    Chris Cairns/Partizan: Scrapheap Symphony (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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