Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings Bowie's Space space!

Posted by Liv Siddall,

As far as viral videos go, this one puts iPhone recordings of people’s dogs in the bath to shame. I daresay it even blows the baby sloth sanctuary out the water. Meet Chris Hadfield, he’s a Canadian astronaut who splits his time between maintaining a SPACE SHIP in SPACE, tweeting, and being a singer/songwriter.

His latest project shows him singing a rather moving rendition of Bowie’s Space Oddity whilst on the ship he commandeers. Beautifully cut, with some welcome token zero gravity shots, this is a moving act of creativity produced really, really far away. Make sure you follow him on Twitter for some rather philosophical musings from up there in the cosmos.

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    Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

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    Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

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    Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

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    Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity


Posted by Liv Siddall

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