• Chris-keegan-2

    Chris Keegan: Dolphin

Spaced! Chris Keegan's cloud-spotting pareidolic pursuits goes intergalactic

Posted by Catherine Gaffney,

Y’know those breezy summer days when you lie on the grass and cloudgaze, spotting dinosaurs, lampshades, oceans and strange faces with a variety of expressions? Well, Chris Keegan does a very long-distance version of this. We’re talking light years. Digitally manipulating images found by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Keegan’s Celestial Artworks feature all sorts of creatures built of the stars, space-clouds and various naturally-occuring visuals found far, far away.

  • Chris-keegan-3

    Chris Keegan: Black Body

  • Chris-keegan-4

    Chris Keegan: Phoenix

  • Chris-keegan-5

    Chris Keegan: Wiseman

  • Chris-keegan-6

    Chris Keegan: Magellanic Cloud

  • Chris-keegan-7

    Chris Keegan: Star Seal

  • Chris-keegan-8

    Chris Keegan: Space Face


Posted by Catherine Gaffney

Catherine joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Trinity College Dublin and Central Saint Martins. She wrote for the site between June and August 2012.