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    Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics (detail)

Art: A car within a car, wrapped around a car...Chris Labrooy's car gymnastics are a sight for stunned eyes

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There was a time when my appreciation of computer trickery extended no further than making my old PC say my mum’s name when she entered the room (take that Jane!). But that was then, and now we are all far more savvy to the fact that there are creatives out there able to do jaw-dropping things armed with a keyboard and a screen. Chris Labrooy is certainly one such talent, as proved yet again by his new series Auto Aerobics. The weird contortions of cars he’s seamlessly stitched together on what appears to be a New York playground not only reflect Chris’ insane abilities with 3D generation, but are also lovely images in their own right.

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    Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics

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    Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics

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    Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics

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    Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics

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    Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics


Posted by Rob Alderson

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