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    Christmas Gifs: Holly Wales

How about some Christmas Gifs to get you into the festive spirit

Posted by James Cartwright,

Ho ho ho. Ha ha ha! Welcome one and all to that time of year that everyone, and I really do mean EVERYONE, is producing Christmas-themed art, design and ambiguous paraphernalia for you to laugh, cry and be totally bemused by. It’s going to be a complete nightmare trying to sift through the reams of Yuletide curiosities that pass by our eyes, but over the next couple of weeks we’ll do our very best to only show you the good stuff. Like these magnificent Christmas Gifs (sweet pun!) curated by the inimitable Mr Ryan Todd and Enjoythis.

Ryan’s collected a whole host of irreverent animated Gifs from some of our favourite creatives around, and some people we’ve never heard of in our lives, each one a witty look at the themes and traditions of the holiday season – except for Holly Wales’ offering, which is just plain indecent. Head on over and check them all out. They’re guaranteed to liven up your afternoon, and you can even send them to your friends via the email if you’re that way inclined. Great stuff!

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    Christmas Gifs: Paul Layzell

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    Christmas Gifs: Sac Magique

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    Christmas Gifs: Alex Grigg

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    Christmas Gifs: Rob Pybus

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    Christmas Gifs: Kristian Hammerstad

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    Christmas Gifs: Supermundane


Posted by James Cartwright

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