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    Christopher Gray:

Treat your eyeballs to some perfect posters by Christopher Gray

Posted by Rob Alderson,

In the manic rush of a Monday morning (Have I got my lunch? Fed the cat? Put my trousers on?) it can be nice to take time out to immerse yourself in a little graphic goodness. It cleanses the soul we find, and this morning’s balm comes from Christopher Gray’s gorgeous posters whose clever composition, superb colour combinations and clever titles are all crying out for some contemplation. So ignore the phone for a few minutes and forget about any potential lunch/trousers crises while you gawp at these beauties.

  • Abandoned-boat-from-my-hiding-place

    Christopher Gray: Abandoned Boat from my Hiding Place

  • Fighting-with-my-dog3

    Christopher Gray: Fighting with my Dog

  • Keeping-the-grounds1

    Christopher Gray: Keeping the Grounds

  • Nigel-mansel1

    Christopher Gray: Nigel Mansell

  • Path-to-the-mountains

    Christopher Gray: Path to the Mountains

  • Scanland

    Christopher Gray: Scanland

  • Sunrise9

    Christopher Gray: Sunrise

  • Tears-through-the-garden-cigarette-smoke

    Christopher Gray: Tears through the Garden Cigarette Smoke


Posted by Rob Alderson

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