Stunning piece of sci-fi animation from Adam Wells in The Circle Line

Posted by James Cartwright,

Whether you’re a great lover of animation or don’t really give a toss about he medium at all I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy Adam Wells’ latest offering The Circle Line. It’s a strange linear romp through a bizarre utopian/dystopian future where all of life’s strange twists and turns take place within a single shopping mall-like construction. The pacing is brilliant, the sound design absolutely perfect and we became almost immediately attached to Adam’s strange, spindly protagonist. This is definitely not one to miss.

  • Circle-5

    Adam Wells: The Circle Line

  • Circle-6

    Adam Wells: The Circle Line

  • Circle-4

    Adam Wells: The Circle Line

  • Circle-2

    Adam Wells: The Circle Line


Posted by James Cartwright

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