No frills, just compelling storytelling by Dave Ma for Ghostpoet's Meltdown

Posted by Alex Bec,

Last week London’s Ghostpoet released his second record, Some Say I So I Say Light and as we’ve come to expect, gritty, sombre tones are present throughout. The first single from the album, Meltdown has had its promo directed by LA-based director Dave Ma – and the aptness of the video to the track is a rare treat. A snap-shot split-screen of two young relationships should, on paper, be nothing to write home about, but there’s something so oddly compelling about it that it drew me in completely.

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    Dave Ma: Ghostpoet – Meltdown (still)

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    Dave Ma: Ghostpoet – Meltdown (still)

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    Dave Ma: Ghostpoet – Meltdown (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

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