Music Video: War is waged in this breathtaking animation from CRCR!

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

Animation, when it’s done right, is such a thing to behold. Somehow the absence of reality allows you to become completely absorbed into the world you’re presented with to the point where monsters, aliens and the end of the world all seeming like plausible outcomes.

In this case it’s the latter, with inhabitants of a stone city preparing to wage war on a giant upside down stone pyramid surrounded which has floated down to their planet and is threatening to block out the sun. As ever, it’s the execution which seals the deal. The animation was directed by CRCR for the song Delta by French DJ group C2C, and the animators have made the hazy orange of dying sunlight their forte to the point that it’s impossible not to believe the surreal fear descending over the army. Such a good example of well-considered, watchable animation.

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    CRCR: C2C Delta

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    CRCR: C2C Delta

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    CRCR: C2C Delta

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    CRCR: C2C Delta


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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