• Lehavre_big-man4

    Damien Poulain: Big Man

Art: Damien Poulain's prints explore fragility and balance in Le Havre show

Posted by Rob Alderson,

One of my favourite things about designer and art director Damien Poulain is his unerring ability to switch between the achingly cool and the charmingly playful. It’s not a trick many can pull off, finding their work trammelled in a certain direction which the expectations of clients/fans make it tricky to row back from. But Damien’s portfolio pirouettes effortlessly between the two, and his latest work is a jubilant celebration of the latter. For a show at Un Saison Graphique in Le Havre, Damien created 29 new prints around the theme of fragility and balance. Funny, interesting and gloriously graphic, Damien’s talents are given free rein to dazzle and delight in equal measure.

  • Lehavre_yes1

    Damien Poulain: yes

  • Lehavre_bumeyes1

    Damien Poulain: Bum Eyes

  • Lehavre_opportunist1

    Damien Poulain: Optimism

  • Lehavre_eyes1

    Damien Poulain: Eyes

  • Lehavre_birdhead1

    Damien Poulain: Bird Head

  • Lehavre_hand_hand1

    Damien Poulain: Hand Hand

  • Lehavre_internet1

    Damien Poulain: Internet

  • Lehavre_tooth1

    Damien Poulain: Tooth

  • Lehavre_shoe1

    Damien Poulain: Shoe

  • L1090924

    Damien Poulain: Un Saison Graphique (installation view)

  • L1090922-780x585

    Damien Poulain: Un Saison Graphique (installation view)

  • L1090920

    Damien Poulain: Un Saison Graphique (installation view)

  • L1090825-780x629

    Damien Poulain: Un Saison Graphique (installation view)

  • L1090826

    Damien Poulain: Un Saison Graphique (installation view)

  • L1090827-780x559

    Damien Poulain: Un Saison Graphique (installation view)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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