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Food and objects come together in Dan Cretu's bonkers, brilliant work

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

Dan Cretu’s parents obviously didn’t teach him not to play with his food and aren’t we glad. The man is a genius – mad yes, but a genius also.

Taking everyday objects and recreating them with fruit, vegetables and pretty much any foodstuff he can get his hands on, the result I promise you will beat any cucumber and tomato combination you have ever experienced. I mean really, does life get much better than a salami cassette tape or a cucumber camera?

From salad infused cameras, orange peel trainers and lightbulb ice creams, Dan has done the lot and other than changing the way you view the contents of your lunchbox, you can’t help but admire his inventive resourcefulness.

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Posted by Anya Lawrence

Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.