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    Daniel Cyprian: Alicia

From autopsy rooms to French palaces, Daniel Ciprian lets us peek where we're not meant to

Posted by Liv Siddall,

What we can gather from Daniel Ciprian’s photography is A) He has the ability to photograph people in such a way that they almost become paintings, and B) he’s clearly a brave and charming man. Brave because he has no qualms about photographing some of the world’s spookiest graveyards, and charming because he’s managed to sneak into such guarded places such as autopsy rooms in order to complete one of his brilliant projects. With his signature grainy aesthetic (he’s a film stalwart) and his clear-cut projects which are pleasantly titled exactly what they are (see his collection of photographs entitled “cats”), Daniel is simply an absolutely fantastic photographer.

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    Daniel Cyprian: Alicia

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    Daniel Cyprian: Daniel Cyprian:

  • 19_f1010001

    Daniel Cyprian: The old autopsy room

  • 19_autopsias019

    Daniel Cyprian: The old autopsy room

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    Daniel Cyprian: Chateau

  • 12_chateau-de-vaux-le-vicomte002

    Daniel Cyprian: Chateau

  • 27_cemetery-day-poble-nou-018

    Daniel Cyprian: Cemetery at day

  • 26_night-cemetery-015

    Daniel Cyprian: Cemetery at night


Posted by Liv Siddall

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