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The physicality of sound and the sound of physicality by Daniel Palacios

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Creating models so that we might see something invisible (like sound) is a fascinating and perpetuating phenomena between artists and scientists – both striving for physical representations so that we might better understand the thing beyond its theory. What Daniel Palacios’s Waves installation has done is create a beautiful explanation of how sound inhabits space, how the “chaos of infinite variables” that create noise might influence the sinusoidal waves conducted between two turbines connected by a length of rope.

Furthermore, the installation is affected by those who watch it; when the audience moves it influences the compressions and decompressions of the rope’s line. This return channel from a physical act into a graphic representation cuts through space with its own swooshing sound, further examining how we interpret our own position in a sonic landscape.

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    Daniel Palacios, Waves

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    Daniel Palacios, Waves

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    Daniel Palacios, Waves

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    Daniel Palacios, Waves

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    Daniel Palacios, Waves

  • Danielpalacios_waves_montaje_detalle_instalacion04

    Daniel Palacios, Waves

Visualizing Sound is a group show now on in Spain’s LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial until June 25.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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