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    Daniel Peter: Oy, Black Cracker (detail)

Daniel Peter designs posters with beautiful flair and sophistication

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

There are two things that you should know about Daniel Peter. Number one, he’s a pretty exceptional graphic designer and number two, he’s quite a dab hand when it comes to designing posters. Living and working in Switzerland, Daniel’s portfolio is bursting with creativity and flair and, with his use of wonderfully inventive typography and bold block colours, you can’t help but go all giddy at the fruits of his talents as a graphic designer.

Designing posters right across the board from trendy-yet-sleek music posters (who would know that the words “Dollhouse Bitch Queens” could be made so beautiful?!), to Star-Trek like designs, Daniel somehow manages to do it all beautifully – and with his portfolio containing literally hundreds of examples of different work it seems that his talent really does have no bounds.

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    Daniel Peter: 10 Jahre Kulturwerk 118

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    Daniel Peter: Hey Tonal

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    Daniel Peter: My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter

  • Dan-12

    Daniel Peter: Nordpol

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    Daniel Peter: Monatsprogramm Treibhaus

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    Daniel Peter: Natur–Struktur

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    Daniel Peter: Monatsprogramm Gaswerk

  • Dan-7

    Daniel Peter: Oy, Black Cracke

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    Daniel Peter: Ja Panik


Posted by Anya Lawrence

Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.