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    Daniel Emma: Stationery Container

Desk stationery like you've never seen it before from Daniel Emma Studio

Posted by Liv Siddall,

There’s nothing quite like brand new stationery –unused rubbers, sharpened pencils, unused felt-tips, it’s giving me tingles just thinking about it. So when you think you can sap joy simply out of a colour-coordinated pencil pot, you may be surprised to see this absolute game-changer of a series by Australian designers Daniel To and Emma Aiston. More desk installation that stationery, this utterly beautiful set of objects are not just immaculately made, but are photographed so well they could be pieces of fine art.

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    Daniel Emma:

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    Daniel Emma:

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    Daniel Emma: Rubberband Ball

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    Daniel Emma: DE Desk

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    Daniel Emma: Pencil Holder

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    Daniel Emma: Mirror

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    Daniel Emma: Solids

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    Daniel Emma: Stationery Container

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    Daniel Emma: Wallpaper x Guerlain

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    Daniel Emma: D.E Vessels

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    Daniel Emma: Field Deskset

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    Daniel Emma: Vera – Sweets

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    Daniel Emma: Vera – Sweets


Posted by Liv Siddall

Liv joined It’s Nice That as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our editors. She oversees itsnicethat.com and has a particular interest in illustration, photography and music videos. She also runs our London listings site This At There, and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.