Dave Prosser treats us to a beautiful snapshot of South Korean life in Mountain

Posted by James Cartwright,

Studio AKA’s Dave Prosser has just released (literally this very morning) a new piece of personal work inspired by the city of Seoul, South Korea, funded by the Seoul International cartoon and Animation Festival. Dave’s trademark degraded vectors appear in a whole new (and surprisingly bold) colour palette for the usually monochromatic animator, reflecting the neon-clad facades of Seoul’s cityscape.

Mountain provides a brief snapshot of daily life in the Korean capital from the perspective of a slick businessman, a humble street cook and a burned-out gaming addict, all locked in their own personal repetitive cycles. The businessman starts his day stretching up a mountain, the cook beheading fish, and the game addict; you can imagine where he can be found. But where will they find themselves at the end of their days? You best watch and find out. A pretty perfect way to start your Monday.

  • Sicaf_mountain_00

    Dave Prosser: Mountain

  • Sicaf_mountain_02

    Dave Prosser: Mountain

  • Sicaf_mountain_05

    Dave Prosser: Mountain

  • Sicaf_mountain_06

    Dave Prosser: Mountain


Posted by James Cartwright

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