Interactive: David Rinman turns table tennis into an audiovisual odyssey

Posted by James Cartwright,

Designer and art director David Rinman is still just a kid, but at 22 he’s already produced more cool stuff than most of us could shake a stick at without getting really, really tired arms. The Swedish creative has just graduated from Forsberg’s School of Design & Advertising and moved straight into a job with 25ah, an agency specialising in branding and commercial strategy.

We’re sure that 25ah are making the most of his graphic design skills but we reckon it’s his interaction design that’s the most impressive part of David’s practice. For his graduation project at Forsberg’s David produced Beat Match, an interactive table tennis table that lets you and your opponent/collaborator produce and control music and geometric patterns with the rhythm of your game. As the aggression of your game increases so the tempo of the music picks up, and as you relax into a steady rally those shapes mimic your pace.

The idea, of course, is to work together to produce an exciting audiovisual experience, but if you’d rather just thrash your opponent then the patterns and beats provide a high-octane accompaniment. Nice!

  • Boll_hovrar_670_3

    David Rinman: Beat Match

  • Jag_spelar_streck_670_3

    David Rinman: Beat Match

  • Soundwave_reflektion_670_2

    David Rinman: Beat Match

  • Utan_racket

    David Rinman: Beat Match


Posted by James Cartwright

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