A psychedelic sexual adventure from the magnificent David Wilson

Posted by James Cartwright,

David Wilson’s latest promo for Aussie psych rockers Tame Impala tells a gut-wrenching schoolboy tale of unrequited love. Seduced by his english teacher’s feminine wiles the protagonist is lured to her car for a presumed exchange of passions. What follows is a psychedelic trip of sexual failure and painful rejection told in David’s trademark animated style. If you’ve ever been a teenage boy you’ll feel like he’s reached inside your head and pulled out your ultimate daydream fantasy, then trampled all over it in the most beautiful way imaginable. If only all of my adolescent english lessons had such promise! One to watch repeatedly from a director who can do no wrong.

  • Impala-1

    David Wilson: Mind Mischief

  • Impala-2

    David Wilson: Mind Mischief

  • Impala-3

    David Wilson: Mind Mischief

  • Impala-4

    David Wilson: Mind Mischief


Posted by James Cartwright

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