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    Denise Nestor: James

Irish illustrator Denise Nestor has a real skill for pencil-based portraiture

Posted by Rob Alderson,

We used to seeing portrait photographs capturing those inexplicable, quintessential qualities that make human faces so fascinating, but it’s not as common to see an illustrator with the same skill. There’s not too much information about Dublin-based Denise Nestor on her site but truth be told there’s not too much else need to know. Her portraits are delicate, personal and compelling – and you feel closer to her subjects after just a few minutes in her portfolio.

  • White_rabbit_180_640

    Denise Nestor: White Rabbit

  • Blue

    Denise Nestor: Blue

  • Miranda

    Denise Nestor: Miranda

  • Unravel_smaller_640

    Denise Nestor: Unravel

  • Girl_drawing_640

    Denise Nestor: Untitled


Posted by Rob Alderson

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