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    Derek Welsh: Graft

Derek Welsh's Graft collection features a whole host of design gems

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s not often we feature furniture design here on It’s Nice That, and we like to think that means you can rest assured that when we do, it’s seriously good stuff. You’ll be pleased to hear that Derek Welsh’s new collection, Graft, is no exception to this rule, featuring admirable craftsmanship and beautifully selected materials.

Graft is Derek’s attempt at moving away from expensive one-offs and bespoke pieces, culminating in a collection of stunningly-designed modern utility pieces with everyday functionality. It’s all smooth lines and restrained colour palettes made from unfinished oak and linoleum that gives each piece a vintage edge despite its contemporary design. Also impressive is Derek’s collaboration with photographer Reuben Paris to ensure the shots of each piece are just right – the kind of attention to detail we can’t help but admire.

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    Derek Welsh: Graft desk

  • Derekwelsh2

    Derek Welsh: Graft desk

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    Derek Welsh: Graft bench

  • Derekwelsh4

    Derek Welsh: Graft low table

  • Derekwelsh5

    Derek Welsh: Graft table

  • Derekwelsh6

    Derek Welsh: Graft sideboard

  • Derekwelsh7

    Derek Welsh: Graft storage


Posted by James Cartwright

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