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    Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One 18 (detail)

Big ideas and beguiling visuals come together in the work of Dimitri Kozyrev

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There are a lot of big ideas at play in the work of Russian-born, American based artist Dimitri Kozyrev. From “political and military polemic” to the state of contemporary art, Dimitri’s pictures are layered both in physical and philosophical terms. For his first solo show in London, the Breese Little gallery is displaying both Dimitri’s abstract figurative and landscape work alongside his much quieter drawings of post-industrial buildings slipping into decay and decrepitude.

Beguiling on their own aesthetic terms, it’s also worth grappling with where these works come from to enjoy Dimitri’s work in the round.

Dimitri Kozyrev at Breese Little runs until June 1.

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-last-one-_1_-2010_-acrylic-on-canvas_-153-x-122-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One 1

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-lost-edge-_27_-2009_-acrylic-on-canvas_-117-x-122-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Lost Edge

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-last-one-_4_-2010_-acrylic-on-canvas_-183-x-153-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One 4

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-cutting-edge-_6_-2007_-pencil-on-paper_-58-x-74-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Cutting Edge 6

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-cutting-edge-_7_-2007_-pencil-on-paper_-58-x-74-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Cutting Edge 7

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-last-one-_16_-2012_-acrylic-on-canvas_-213-x-183-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One 16

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-last-one-_2_-2010_-acrylic-on-canvas_-183-x-213-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One 2

  • Dimitri-kozyrev_-last-one-_18_-2012_-acrylic-on-canvas_-152-x-183-cm

    Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One 18


Posted by Rob Alderson

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