Kinetic sculpture at its very best: Check out these ultra-satisfying cause-and-effect videos by HarrimanSteel!

Posted by Liv Siddall,

HarrimanSteel have proved to pretty much the whole world that it’s possible to take a relatively straightforward brief and make sure there’s fireworks (and axes) involved. Commissioned to rebrand DMAX Italia, they set out to make some pretty smashing idents based around cause-and-ffect contraptions.

Everyone’s pretty safe in the knowledge that watching these machines will never get boring, and these ones are no exception. The fact that they have been designed specifically around a channel that deals with no-nonsense, factual–yet–weird and exciting content makes HarrimanSteel’s idea all the more relevant. So stop reading about it and go and watch some fun machines doing exciting things! — keep your eyes peeled for the matchbox car, the rise of the high-rise building, and the dribblingly satisfying way the blue pipe releases the scrolls. Dreamy!

Check out the rest of the short videos on their Vimeo Channel

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    HarrimanSteel: DMAX Italia

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    HarrimanSteel: DMAX Italia

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    HarrimanSteel: DMAX Italia

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    HarrimanSteel: DMAX Italia


Posted by Liv Siddall

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