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    Kyle Platts: Drones of New York

Clutch of great creatives imagine what commercial drones might look like in interesting new project

Posted by Rob Alderson,

In September 2015, 956 days to be precise, new laws will pave the way for widespread use of commercial drones in the USA. Fascinated by the potential changes this could have on American cities, Rajeev Basu has invited a group of creatives – including many of our absolute favourites like Kyle Platts, Craig & Karl, Supermundane, Ian Stevenson, Antonia Ladrillo and Saiman Chow – to imagine what some of these drones might look like.

From a Coca Cola sponsored machine to a John Lennon peace memorial that circles the block where he was shot it’s an interesting, fun project with some serious ideas about public spaces at its core.

  • Rajeevbasu_ant1

    Antonio Ladrillo: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_eboym2

    eBoy: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_ianc1

    Ian Stevenson: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_saiman1

    Saiman Chow: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_saiman2

    Saiman Chow: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_saimanm1

    Saiman Chow: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_adhemasm1

    Adhemas Batista: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_super2

    Supermundane: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_simon1

    Simon Thompson: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_robinw2

    Robin van Wijk: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_antm1

    Antonio Ladrillo: Drones of New York

  • Rajeevbasu_candk2

    Craig & Karl: Drones of New York


Posted by Rob Alderson

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