• Eckart-hahn-lead

    Eckart Hahn: Alb, 2012 (detail)

Really unreal: The compelling compositions and strange symbolism of Eckart Hahn's paintings

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Hyping up a perfect painting to the point of abstraction, Eckart Hahns has realistically unreal down to a tee. On one easy level, we can appreciate the extraordinary ability it takes to paint the tangible quality of folding fabric and (what appears to be) cascading, coloured plastics – painted to such vivid, dimensional effect. Simultaneously, Eckart affords us plenty to read into with deliberate hints at familiar, old-master motifs and symbolic compositions, albeit with what appears to be strategically arranged carrier bags, duvets, a white pony and a monkey.

  • Eckart-hahn-2

    Eckart Hahn: Statue, 2011

  • Eckart-hahn-3

    Eckart Hahn: Two Towers, 2012

  • Eckart-hahn-4

    Eckart Hahn: Dschungel, 2011

  • Eckart-hahn

    Eckart Hahn: Alb, 2012 (detail)


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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