• Egyboy-lead

    Egyboy: Pinball #1

Egyboy is "willing to spread out the "Art Cowboyism"" with his black marker posters

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Having experienced instantaneous joy the moment I laid eyes on his black marker “whateverism” style, I encourage you all to visit the site of Egyboy. Working the DIY poster aesthetic with happy abandon and with excellent brevity of detail, he is a "pencil boy pushing free hand dirty drawings with ironic slogans and “rough texture”" -–add to that a sense of humour and an encouragingly irreverent comic and he might just be the best thing that will happen to me/you/posters today.

  • Egyboy2

    Egyboy: Poster design (July22, 2011) for Zine party. Mothereleganza studio. Vilnius

  • Egyboy3

    Egyboy: Poster and postcard design (August11, 2011) for documentary photography screening of avangard filmmaker Jonas Mekas (NY), park “Vingis” stage, Vilnius.

  • Egyboy1

    Egyboy: untitled

  • Egyboy4

    Egyboy: Poster (September 21-24, 2011) for international films labs meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. A warm welcome from “Tree lab” Vilnius.

  • Egyboy5

    Egyboy: Poster Design (October15, 2011) for Mothereleganza studio opening promo party. Vilnius.

  • Egyboy6

    Egyboy: Magazine Covers (is a Future project) for art magazines remake. Inspired by curator Valentinas Klimašauskas.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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