An extraordinarily poignant film about Alzheimer's disease by Eliot Rausch

Posted by Rob Alderson,

I’m not going to lie to you people, this is a pretty tough watch but it’s also an extraordinarily powerful six minutes of film. Director Eliot Rausch has put together this poignant meditation on Alzheimer’s Disease, one of the major killers in the US and one of the only ones with no cure (as we learn at the end). It intersperses an interview with a sufferer and his wife as they try to make sense of their plight with haunting clips of a young boy in a dream-like, dilapidated landscape and the whole thing is beautifully shot, powerful without being overwrought. We often praise funny or quirky awareness-raising campaigns but if you’re going to be serious, this is precisely the way to do it.

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    Eliot Rausch: Remember (still)

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    Eliot Rausch: Remember (still)

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    Eliot Rausch: Remember (still)

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    Eliot Rausch: Remember (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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