• 13_la-chasse-au-papillontop

    Elisabeth Lecourt:

Maps transformed into pretty dresses by Elisabeth Lecourt

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

French artist Elisabeth Lecourt has made, by hand, a collection of apparel meticulously folded from geographical maps. From a 14th Century map of Sir Francis Drake’s voyage to a diagram of rivers and mountains around the world, Elisabeth decided to work with maps because of their poetic charm, because even though they look specific, their information can sometimes be wrong. Calling them, “a portrait of people through their clothes, like a blue-print of their soul,” they are meaningful works of art that explore themes of sensitivity and vulnerability. If only you could wear them…

  • 13_dans-les-nuages

    Elisabeth Lecourt: Dans les Nuages, les Cigognes

  • 13_coquille-de-noix-et-allumette

    Elisabeth Lecourt: Coquille de Noix et Allumette

  • 13_la-chasse-au-papillon

    Elisabeth Lecourt: Pop Corn Edelweiss Pop

  • 13_jerusalem-artichaud-et-topinambour

    Elisabeth Lecourt: Jerusalem Artichaud et Topinambour

  • 13_le-poisson-dargent-volant

    Elisabeth Lecourt: Le Poisson d’Argent Volant

  • 13_la-bulle-de-savon-multicolore

    Elisabeth Lecourt: La Bulle de Savon Multicolore

  • 13_le-voyage-dans-les-entrailles

    Elisabeth Lecourt: Le Voyage dans les Entrailles


Posted by Holly Wilkins

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