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    Elliot Freeman: Bird Watching (detail)

Illustration: Elliot Freeman follows a bird across town in this beautiful series

Posted by James Cartwright,

Elliott Freeman is currently studying for a BA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Art where he’s refining a process of cutting paper, drawing strange men and water-colour and gouaching his way to some really beautiful compositions. We’re incredibly fond of his Bird Watching pieces, a small set of five images following the narrative of a funny-looking pink bird as it flies across the city, taking in office blocks, traffic jams and football matches on his airborne journey. There’s no discernible perspective in Elliot’s pieces, and the sense of proportion is baffling, but the combination of all these bizarre elements works incredibly well producing something that’s wholly charming.

  • 66_high-street

    Elliot Freeman: Bird Watching

  • 66_officeblock

    Elliot Freeman: Bird Watching

  • 66_football-stadium

    Elliot Freeman: Bird Watching

  • 66_lookingback

    Elliot Freeman: Bird Watching


Posted by James Cartwright

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