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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Les Invites

Parisian illustrator Emmanuel Romeuf is one seriously talented visual maverick

Posted by James Cartwright,

Parisian polymath Emmanuel Romeuf has a portfolio full to bursting with great work in all shapes and sizes. The illustrator-cum-graphic designer dabbles in all aspects of the creative process, from digital painting and drawing to art direction and fashion styling. There’s no end to the variety of work displayed on Emmanuel’s site – logo redesigns for L’Oreal sit side-by-side with illustrations of strange fictional kingdoms, crisp logos above hand-rendered type. It’s an impressive selection indeed.

But it’s Emmanuel’s illustration that we’ve fallen particularly in love with; seamless vectors that depict images of bizarre lands, surrealist-inspired vignettes and beautiful renderings of the natural world. It’s a truly engaging body of work, amplified by Emmanuel’s admirable diversity as visual practitioner.

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Eatable of Many Orders

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Shop Magazine

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Smart

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Greeting Cards

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Greeting Cards

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Greeting Cards

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Yutaka Tajima

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Yutaka Tajima

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    Emmanuel Romeuf: Les Invites


Posted by James Cartwright

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