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    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Charing Cross, 22:02

Photography: Empty Underground blog captures the Tube at its quietest

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Nothing says like zombie apocalypse quite like abandoned pictures of places usually thronged with crowds. James Whatley’s blog Empty Underground does exactly what it says on the tin, and is the fruits of five years of his snapping those moments when he found himself alone on the Tube. He experiments with both the kinds of photographs he takes, but also with the atmosphere he captures; at times creepy and unnerving, at others serene and beautiful.

While we’ve seen projects featuring de-peopled underground stations before, what I really like about this is that it is rooted in reality. James hasn’t ventured into the network after hours; rather these are those incredibly rare chance moments when London’s arteries are not overrun by frazzled commuters, dawdling tourists and chatty drunks. Moreover the pictures give us plenty of chances to marvel at the little architectural touches that make the Tube so special.

  • 7782853496_334d0c2ed6_z

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Beautiful, 19:06

  • 8279253632_607a1c4616_z

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – I love the floor here, 12:37

  • 8573135052_ec2953a4d3_z

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Bank, 20:45

  • 9550861562_f5ca9112fa_o

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Baker Street, 22:45

  • 8597635848_c8e99d3849_z

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Southbound Red, 22:13

  • 9304016246_07df3b7ae7_o

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Charing Cross, 22:02

  • 10940038395_5af2d202cd_o

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Baker Street, 06:59

  • 11871246474_50b7b88948_b

    James Whatley: Empty Underground – Maida Vale, 13:06


Posted by Rob Alderson

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