• 13.painting-about-painting-2011_-200x450-(caldic-collection)

    Esther Tielemans: Painting About Painting

A host of exciting updates from the shape-obsessed Esther Tielemans

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Like a lonely Lancashire lass making eyes at an exotic-seeming American GI at a wartime tea dance, we’ve been casting admiring eyes at Esther Tielemans for more than a year now. The Amsterdam-based artist creates stunning sculptural works based around bright, shiny geometric shapes but since we first checked in with her she’s not only updated her site with more 3D treats, but increasingly shown off her newer interest in painting, albeit with a consistent DNA from her earlier work. Her gallery shows really need to be visited to be fully appreciated as both elements of her portfolio play off each other within the space for maximum effect. So about that dance Esther…

  • 06.symmetry-of-supposed-contradictions-back-wallpaper-2012

    Esther Tielemans: Symmetry of Supposed Contradictions

  • 07.detail-wallpaper-2012

    Esther Tielemans: Symmetry of Supposed Contradictions (detail)

  • 08.mouvement-perpetuel-2010_-250x225-(collectie-museum-van-bommel-van-dam-venlo)

    Esther Tielemans: Mouvement perpetuel

  • 02.organising-the-disorderly1-2012

    Esther Tielemans: Organising the Disorderly

  • 10.mouvement-perpetuel2-(model)organising-the-disorderly-2-2012-100x100-and-mouvement-perpetuel-2-(model)-2012-33x39x33-

    Esther Tielemans: Installation shot

  • 11.the-performance-465-x-900-x-280-_-2011-(caldic-collection-wassenaar)

    Esther Tielemans: The Performance

  • 12.the-performance-(detail)-2011-(caldic-collection-wassenaar)

    Esther Tielemans: The Performance (detail)

  • 14.-the-performance2-(comission-ing-amsterdam)

    Esther Tielemans: The Performance 2

  • Et

    Esther Tielemans: Installation shot


Posted by Rob Alderson

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