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    Evan Nesbit: Ship Wreck (detail), 22” x 30”, Acrylic and ink on paper. 2011

The beautifully tactile, organic works of Connecticut artist Evan Nesbit

Posted by James Cartwright,

Evan Nesbit is a mixed media artist living and working in Connecticut, creating large-scale woven works that are alive with colour and inherently tactile. Created using a mixture of acrylic, wool and masonry foam as well as traditional patchwork techniques Nesbit’s creations cry out to be touched, bursting forth from their wall fixtures out into space; at times taking organic forms that appear richly fertile, evoking both masculine and feminine sexuality despite being composed from materials largely associated with feminine craft.

  • Evan_nesbitt-7

    Evan Nesbit: Weepy, Acrylic, foam and wool. 2012

  • Evan_nesbitt-9

    Evan Nesbit: RED red, 8” x 10”, Acrylic and wool. 2012

  • Evan_nesbitt-5

    Evan Nesbit: Ship Wreck, 22” x 30”, Acrylic and ink on paper. 2011

  • Evan_nesbitt-4

    Evan Nesbit: Space Blankets, 72” x 76”, Oil Cloth, Cotton, wool and polyester.

  • Evan_nesbitt-8

    Evan Nesbit: Our Pasteur, 52” x 68”, Acrylic and graphite on paper. 2012

  • Evan_nesbitt-2

    Evan Nesbit: New Painting…. (after L. Cane) Lunch on the Grass

  • Evan_nesbitt-3

    Evan Nesbit: Space Blankets


Posted by James Cartwright

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