Evian are back with their dancing babies, and they're more realistic than before

Posted by James Cartwright,

For some time now it’s been Evian’s prerogative to advertise solely through the medium of CGI babies engaging in strange physical pursuits (rollerblading and synchronised swimming in particular). While you can’t deny that the brand has been extremely successful in flooding the bottled water market with advertising that doesn’t just bang on about volcanic springs and the health benefits of keeping hydrated, those computer generated infants still have a habit of freaking me out – something about their automaton-like movements is wholly unnerving.

Even so I can’t help but be charmed by their latest spot from directors We Are From LA that features a gang of fashionable young adults throwing shapes in front of a mirrored window that reflects their infant alter egos (presumably because they’ve been taking care of themselves with regular bottles of Evian). The ad cynic within me wants to cry out “No, Evian, we’ve seen this before, try something different!” But once you’ve seen the angelic faces of the spot’s young cast wide-eyed and grinning with glee it’s near impossible to wipe the smile from your own face. Kudos Evian, you do dancing babies so well!

  • One

    We Are From LA: Baby and Me

  • Two

    We Are From LA: Baby and Me

  • Evian-4

    We Are From LA: Baby and Me

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    We Are From LA: Baby and Me


Posted by James Cartwright

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