Ex-Beta Band John Maclean demonstrates his filmmaking prowess for Django Django

Posted by Alex Bec,

I don’t need much of an excuse to write about the fantastic Django Django, but John Maclean has given me a brilliant one. First, I enjoyed watching the beautifully shot promo for Hand of Man, complete with absurd picnic cutaway (skip to 1:25s all you impatients), but my real joy came in discovering that the director is not only the brother of DD’s drummer, but even more importantly was part of timeless indie heros the Beta Band. If that wasn’t exciting enough, I then learnt that John also was nominated for a BAFTA for his short film Pitch Black Heist, starring Michael Fassbender. John, sorry for being totally naive to your being – I hope this post goes some way to stopping others also being blindfolded.

  • Dd1

    John Mclean: Django Django – Hand of Man (still)

  • Dd2

    John Mclean: Django Django – Hand of Man (still)

  • Dd4

    John Mclean: Django Django – Hand of Man (still)

  • Dd5

    John Mclean: Django Django – Hand of Man (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

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