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    Eyel Gever: Bus vs. Car (detail)

Terrific stuff as technology meets art in the fascinating collision sculptures of Eyal Gever

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

In the meeting point between technology and art, Eyal Gever is holding fort. He is both developer of extraordinary digital systems that produce sublime hypothetical models, and sculptor of these simulations made real.

Focussing specifically on moments that “fill a person with amazement, awe, terror, astonishment, and silence”, Eyal, a graduate of Jerusalem’s Betzalel Academy of the Art and Design, can breakdown impossible boundaries of time and the laws of motion into these frozen moments that address notions of “destruction and beauty.”

Bus vs. Car, Truck vs Truck and other decidedly science experiment-esque names provide a literal translation of two abstractly simplified, highly glossed forms at the perfect instant of collision.

  • Eyal-gever

    Eyal Gever: Bus vs. Pillar

According to the artist, these works exist in three states: “3D simulations, sculptural moments and digital prints.” Software developed by Eyal creates computational models that depict, in slow motion and with an extreme aesthetic clarity, an animated reality of impact or, in other works, the effects of some specified external force.

The consequence of the digital observation is then sculpted into static “catastrophic situations”, rendering them as “cathartic experiences.” Mind bogglingly good stuff.

  • Eyal-gever-03

    Eyal Gever: Truck vs. Truck Side Crash

  • Eyal-gever-06

    Eyal Gever: Collision installation shot

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    Eyal Gever: Bus vs. Car


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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