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Ezra Shaw: 14th FINA World Championships

Posted by Will Hudson,

If it wasn’t for Tom Daley I would know nothing about diving. That said, the only thing I do know about diving is there’s a talented young British athlete named Tom Daley who happens to be a diver. Thanks to Ezra Shaw’s latest series of photos we can all learn a little more about divers and the ridiculous faces they pull while competing. The sheer concentration and skill of those involved is captured perfectly in this slideshow at the recent FINA World Championships in Shanghai. Found via WSJ Photo Journal.

Talking more on the WSJ site Ezra says: “Like any event, I am always trying to get something a little different each day. We had just got a 800mm lens shipped in from London and I decided to take it over to the diving pool and see what I could get. I set up down on the pool deck for the men’s 3-meter springboard prelims. After the first diver went, I realized it was going to be much more difficult to capture the type of images I wanted because the divers were jumping so fast, and the 800mm lens was so tight. However, I started to get the hang of it, and by the end of the session, I got a handful of pictures that I really liked showing the different faces of the divers.”


Posted by Will Hudson

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