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    Fiona Ackerman: A Vocation By The Sea

Fiona Ackerman's paintings offer an extraordinary view into her studio

Posted by James Cartwright,

Vancouver-based painter Fiona Ackerman has been honing her craft for over a decade, creating playful, engaging paintings and portraits that entice their viewer with atmosphere and skill. Creating work that spans abstracts, portraits and borderline photo-real renderings of her surroundings we think it’s fair to say that Fiona has mastered her medium, and yet she’s still prepared to adapt and diversify her practice rather than resting on her laurels.

Some of the most recent additions to her portfolio include a body of studio paintings that focus on a modular set of papers, paints and other artist’s paraphernalia, all arranged, rearranged and painted in situ. It doesn’t sound like much but the results are a joy to behold, transforming otherwise mundane objects into ethereal compositions of unique beauty.

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    FIona Ackerman: Eight Memorable Moments

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    Fiona Ackerman: Your Demon Doppelganger

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    Fiona Ackerman: New York

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    Fiona Ackerman: Jesus: A Short Story

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    Fiona Ackerman: Invasion

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    Fiona Ackerman: Group of Seven

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    Fiona Ackerman: Generation

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    Fiona Ackerman: Apfel Die Nicht Weit Vom Stammfallen


Posted by James Cartwright

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