Spruce up your January work out with with Dutch Uncles' new video for Flexxin'

Posted by Alex Bec,

Turns out that it’s nearly the end of January and true to form I haven’t kept up my New Year’s fitness regime. What I need is an excuse to get active, a creative cardio session that makes me think I’m having fun but I’m actually doing exercise. Bang! Voila! Here it is in the shape of Dutch Uncles front man Duncan Wallis doing his thing with some supremely satisfying timing. See ya later physio, I’m hanging out with Duncan!

  • Du1

    Dutch Uncles: Flexxin’ (still)

  • Du2

    Dutch Uncles: Flexxin’ (still)

  • Du4

    Dutch Uncles: Flexxin’ (still)

  • Du5

    Dutch Uncles: Flexxin’ (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

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